—Colette Baron-Reid

“There’s magic in the epiphanies that we receive when we write. The world takes on a very different feeling, and hope returns even if the outer world says something can’t be. It can.”

A potent process develops when you combine journaling with oracle cards: you discover greater meaning in your life, open your intuition, infuse yourself with boundless creativity, gain clarity for making decisions easily, and so much more. You'll learn:

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How journaling with oracle cards can help you develop a powerful relationship with your guiding Higher Self

Exactly why this practice works so remarkably well to spark your inner wisdom

Special tips to maximize your success as you journey through the course

You’ll learn:


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  • The transformative power of both journaling and oracle cards so you can understand the essentials of each practice

  • How to expertly combine journaling and oracle cards into a supercharged spiritual practice, using two totally unique methods

  • How journaling with oracle cards can help you fulfill your soul contract—the lessons you’re supposed to learn in this lifetime

  • Powerful exercises to uncover your innate intuition and amplify your journaling practice

  • Incredible guided vision journeys that will help you unearth your Higher Self’s guidance

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Here’s How Your Journey Unfolds in The Power of Journaling with Oracle Cards

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Instant Insight 
Audio Program

Discover how to use oracle cards to do readings for yourself and others in this in-depth and wildly fun audio program with Colette. Drawing from her decades of experience, Colette takes you, step by step, through the intricacies of doing oracle readings to access divine guidance—and teaches you how to use oracle systems to tap into the power of the Divine.

Instant Insight 
Audio Download

In this first lesson, Colette dives into the distinct power of both journaling and oracle cards, and then teaches you how to expertly combine these two practices to deeply support your life. You'll discover:

Lesson 1:

The incredible power of journaling and oracle cards as solo practices—and why they work in such a life-changing, supercharged way together

The two different methods of combining oracle cards with journaling, including the logistics and benefits of each process

How to choose and activate a card deck that you’ll use for your journaling process

A powerful vision journey that will get you started on journaling with oracle cards right away

You’ll discover:

Understanding Two Powerful Practices

Using Oracle Cards for Journaling and Beyond
A Conversation with Colette

Prepare to go even deeper with journaling with oracle cards in this 1-hour conversation with Colette. She addresses top questions on how to get even more profound life answers with oracle cards as you use them with journaling – and beyond! You’ll discover more extraordinary ways to work with oracle cards to help you gain deeper insights about yourself and your life.

Using Oracle Cards for Journaling and Beyond
A Conversation with Colette

In this lesson, you’ll dive into learning about the language of the Divine so you can begin developing your communication with Spirit—and get more in-depth answers in your journaling process. You'll learn:

That your body is an extraordinary instrument of intuition, and how tuning in to it can help you access deep wisdom with ease

A powerful exercise to help you recognize the way your intuition speaks to youand trust the information you receive

How to intuitively read an oracle deck’s guidebook and art to decipher its communication

A second powerful vision journey using a different, unique method of journaling with oracle cards

You’ll learn:

Developing Your Communication with Spirit

Chances are, you’ve felt some form of mental resistance if you’ve tried to maintain any consistent self-growth or spiritual practice—and that includes journaling. So in this lesson, you’ll tackle this head-on. You'll learn:

The most common excuses that hinder people’s journaling progress, such as “I have no idea what to write!” and “I don’t have time for this.”

The one real reason you actually experience resistance—which may completely surprise you!

Methods to confidently move beyond any mental resistance so that it doesn’t stop you from moving forward

A third powerful vision journey incorporating oracle cards to unearth deep inner wisdom

You’ll learn:

Meeting the Spirit of Resistance

In this lesson, you’ll take your learning deeper and discover how journaling with oracle cards can help you move closer to fulfilling your soul contract—the lessons you’re supposed to learn and experience in this lifetime.

How journaling can reveal your life’s purpose to you and lead the way to inspiration and enlightenment

The challenges you may encounter as you discover your “shadows” (repressed traumas and hidden wounds) while journaling—and how to effectively work through them

How to start making your journaling insights actionable so that you can actively begin transforming your life on the outside

A fourth powerful vision journey to uncover even greater insights about your soul

You’ll discover:

Revealing Your Soul Contract

In this final lesson, you’ll discover how to amplify and up-level your journaling practice to add even more texture, vibrance, and depth to the process—resulting in deeper transformation for YOU.

Four additional ways to supercharge your journaling practice on top of adding oracle cards

Why the traditional notion of “gratitude journaling” can actually fatigue you (or even set you back)—and the surprising keys to working with it

How to journal with the phases of the moon, and why working with lunar cycles is so deeply powerful

A fifth and final vision journey to maximize your inspiration and motivation 

You’ll learn:

Supercharging Your Practice

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Journaling + Oracle Cards = Guided, Insightful and Transformative

Whether you’ve never felt inclined to pick up a journal or you journal daily… Whether you’ve never used an oracle deck before or you’re a card-reading extraordinaire… This powerful practice is for you

Journaling with oracle cards is different from regular journaling, and it’s different from card reading. It’s its own unique modality. 

In fact, many people who have never been drawn to journaling or working with oracle cards before delightfully discover that this practice is exactly what they’ve been seeking

You see, when you add oracle cards to a journaling practice, you don’t have to ask, “What should I write about?” or “What am I learning here?” or even “What am I missing?” The oracle cards will show you exactly what you need to see—every single time. It feels like magic or mystery, but it’s not. The cards simply allow your conscious mind to take a backseat and your subconscious to mind come through, often quite vividly, with answers. 

This is what creates a clear channel for your inner voice, your Higher Self, to speak to you. 

And it takes just 10 minutes a day! 

Imagine what it would feel like to have the answers to your deepest questions and clarity in life. To wake up each day with strong direction and purpose. To confidently resolve any challenges, fears, or anxieties that have been holding you back. And to truly support the highest evolution of your soul

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, it’s all possible through journaling with oracle cards.

How Will This Practice Help Me?

Once you learn the powerfully revealing practice of journaling with oracle cards, and you do it on a regular basis, you’ll start to see your life shift in astonishing ways.

Make decisions easily without struggling or second guessing yourself.

Gain clarity on your life’s purpose and soul contract (what you came here to learn).

Open the door to boundless creativity, inspiration, and joy.

Identify and overcome any destructive patterns, beliefs, or self-sabotaging behaviors.

You will…

Learn to trust yourself and your gut feelings with confidence and immediacy.

Find greater meaning in your life, and clarity on why things happened the way they did.

Illuminate and eliminate areas of anxiety, struggle, and challenge in your relationships.

Develop an unbreakable relationship with your guiding Higher Self.

You’ll also be 
able to…

Colette Baron-Reid is a world-renowned spiritual intuitive, oracle expert, and best-selling author published in 27 languages. She is also the acclaimed creator of numerous best-selling oracle decks, as well as the star of the hit television show Messages from Spirit. As a professional intuitive for over 30 years, Colette has provided guidance for tens of thousands of people all over the world from all walks of life. She is also the founder and creator of Oracle School, which teaches students how to use oracle tools to manifest an empowered, inspired life. Her greatest joy is teaching people how they can have a direct and personal dialogue with the Divine (the Universe, their Higher Self) to help them create their best lives.

Meet Your Teacher and Guide…

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